We can help qualify your clients and turn them from lost leads to closed sales — at no cost to you.

A Partner You Can Trust

It’s a familiar story to every realtor, mortgage broker, loan officer, branch manager, auto finance manager, and attorney. Your new client is sitting across from you, ready and hopeful. You’ve already done all the groundwork and you’re preparing for the next step. There’s only one hurdle: pulling their credit report. And that’s when everything comes to a screeching halt. They don’t qualify.  Suddenly, you have to turn around and deliver the bad news. And every bit of time and effort you invested, along with a portion of your company’s marketing budget, goes walking back out your door.


We offer solutions

What if you didn’t have to turn your clients away empty-handed? Instead, what if you can help them get qualified for your services at no cost to you?

Urgent Credit Solutions offers you a better way. We step in as your “retainment specialists,” helping you keep would-be clients on the line until they and their credit are ready.

You have the chance to keep your client relationships warm and establish deeper trust as a service provider who cares and goes the extra mile for your clients.


Repairing and improving your client’s credit is only one part of our Referral Partner Program. We put our effort into becoming a true partner to you and your business. Our interest is helping you grow your network and business.

We will continue to nurture your relationship with your client, giving you tools to keep in touch as your client progresses toward qualifying credit.

As your retention specialist, we’ll keep you up-to-date with your client’s progress. Furthermore, we’ll encourage your client to provide you referrals, expanding your referral network.


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Plug your leaky sales funnel

Don’t Lose Another Deal Because of Bad Credit